Our history: From hobby to media factory

History of ViaStream

When a team is passionate about what it does, its work speaks for itself. We do what we're passionate about: we are capturing professionally your event and we make it available for live viewing and/or replaying.

Our team, initially called FotoKlikk Live, was the first in Hungary to provide professional *webcast services for corporate and family events.

Since then, we have been entrusted with the live streaming and video recording of a wide range of events, including national and international conferences, webinars, press conferences, entertainment and educational presentations, as well as photo competitions – 17 years and 1000+ events to our credit.

*Webcast: a media presentation /live video/ delivered over the internet using streaming media /continuous data transmission/ technology as a single source of content to multiple simultaneous listeners/viewers. The webcast can be live or replayable.

In short, webcasting means “broadcasting” over the internet, i.e. live broadcasting.

How did it start?

The most experienced member of the team, Zsolt Darányi, has been passionate about IT and image acquisition techniques from a young age. He first broadcast live in 2006 and his skills have evolved with the development of live streaming.

Laura Edina Sallemi, who arrived from the entrepreneurial world, but also skilled in IT, met Zsolt’s work in 2014, learned the profession herself in her spare time and was so captivated by the magic and opportunities of the fast-growing industry that she offered a professional collaboration in 2017.

This is when ViaStream Live was born, specialising in events where not only the good video and audio quality is important, but also the end result: the professional, creative look of the live streaming and/or the recorded video.

The majority of ViaStream’s works, even to this day, are branded live videos, edited in a digital studio which require serious expertise.

(ViaStream’s publicity guidelines were created by Springer&Jacoby.)

Where are we today?

The team, which started with two people, soon began to expand. First cameramen, technicians and later home-grown live video editors joined us as freelancers. What is important: everyone in the team does what they know and love.

Our portfolio of services has been constantly expanding, following the needs of our clients: interpretation and multilingual broadcasting, video and commercial clips, event photography,  traditional and greenbox studios, full event technology, managed event platform,  online event management, project management – in short, everything that can be associated with the professional recording and/or successful live streaming of an event.

We can also take on complex supervision and coordination of workflows with service providers “brought in” by the client.

Education and advice have been an integral part of our work from the very beginning, since in the explosively growing and evolving sector of live streaming, even professionals often have trouble understanding the rapidly changing and rapidly developing world of online solutions, techniques and softwares.

And for our customers, a partner who gives them a hand from planning to implementation with the experience of many, many years, many successful events and, of course, mistakes already made, is invaluable. This is how an event becomes a dream event for both the organizer and the viewer.

And that's how ViaStream became a partner for those who want something better and more, but don't want to worry about technical issues when organising an event.

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