Hybrid Art Event - NFTDEB Hackathon 2022- Case Study

The need

Live stream the 3-day arts event in Debrecen and connect online performers to the venue.

Our tasks: ViaStream was not only responsible for providing the live streaming and editing of the broadcast, as the foreign speakers also needed zoom management during the event.

Solution: to facilitate the work of online presenters, we provided them with prior training, as being prepared and comfortable with the interface will always help the quality of the presentation. Our presenters can contact us on-site with any technical questions, but online presenters can also get help via Whatsapp and phone throughout the broadcast. We filmed the event with 3 cameras on the spot, from which we made a studio-edited broadcast, which was also broadcast live, but will remain as a great material full of useful knowledge for the client. We particularly enjoyed the technical challenges of the concerts and performances in the evening hours of the event, which resulted in creative and unique work.

Result: as in the previous year, our team ended the event prospering once again, with satisfied customers and happy performers and spectators always the best feedback on the success of a job.

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