Relevant milestones

Social media expert

2020 - ViaStream

We were looking for a cameraman and skilled video editor - and we found one. From the very first job, it became clear what a great editor he is: he is infallible, finds the important, interesting details on the first try and makes great video clips and summary videos from any material. In the meantime, he has also learned live video editing, becoming a truly versatile member of our Team.

2017 - Freelance media worker

As a freelancer, he has worked in many places and positions: radio presenter, editor of commercials, video clips and highlight videos, editor of TV programmes He has worked for individuals, companies and agencies.

2013-2017 Eszterházy Károly Catholic University

Student of Film Culture and Media Studies


Video production, editing - 10 years
Direction, creative - 6 years
Broadcast editing - 4 years