Relevant milestones

architect, computer scientist, photographer, live video editor

2017 - joins the ViaStream team as an external expert

As the chief technical and engineering officer of the company specialised in webcasting, his expertise has contributed significantly to ViaStream becoming one of the most respected event broadcasters in Hungary.

2010 - 2017 FotoKlikk Live

Head of an event live streaming company, specializing in corporate and family events, which has grown out of the live streaming of FotoKlikk Online Magazin

2006 - World leader in the broadcasting of a photo competition

.With the rise of digital photography, it became possible to show photos online, and we took advantage of this right away.

2006 - FotoKlikk Foundation for Photography is established

The foundation is established to manage

2003 - is launched

Initially with newly digitised material from the Hungarian Museum of Photography. As the founding editor-in-chief of the online photography magazine, his photographic event archive is now one of the most important in Hungary


Live streaming, broadcast editing - 16 years
Videography and editing - 12 years
Building and operating applied IT systems - 34 years
Photography - 38 years
Programming - 39 years


+36 (20) 935-5111