Relevant milestones

Economist, Computer scientist, Streamer

2017 - ViaStream

Learning by doing: ViaStream was born with the aim of being a pioneer in the barely existing Internet event broadcasting market, offering an affordable, yet high-quality alternative to the services of television program producers and large event technology companies. It worked.

2015 - First live streamings

First out of curiosity, then soon, realizing the actuality of the topic, for the purpose of gaining professional experience and learning, I took part in more and more event broadcasting. Initially as an auxiliary, then as a technician, cameraman and finally as a redattore live video.

1992 - First executive position

As managing owner of tuttoMobili, I learned, over the course of 10 years, how to run a company. Since then, apart from a few short breaks, I have worked continuously as a manager of larger or smaller companies in various commercial and service sectors.

1989 - First event organisation

As a university student, I was actively involved in the organisation of several smaller - larger conferences within Aiesec. Later on, I organised a lot of own company events and conferences at all my workplaces, while in 2009-2010 I also helped organise several national and international conferences as the employee of the MOTESZ Congress Office.


Company management - 30 years
Live streaming, live video editing and production - 7 years
Event management - 10 years
Programming, web development - 10 years


+36 (20) 322-3346